Our mentors

Sofía López

Seasoned web developer with expertise in both frontend and backend development. Specialize in JavaScript frameworks, enabling me to build dynamic and responsive web applications. My experience also includes web performance optimization, ensuring fast and efficient websites. I offer mentorship to developers looking to improve their skills in these areas and achieve excellence in web development.

Valentina Ramírez

Hold a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering from the Autonomous University of Nuevo León, validated by WES, and have over 17 years of experience in operational management within the metal-mechanical industry. During my career, I was General Manager at Cega Monterrey, where I was recognized for operational excellence. I’m currently pursuing an MBA at TecMilenio and working as a Lean consultant at the Competitiveness Center of Monterrey, where I lead Lean Business certification programs.

Juan Martínez

I am a professional specialized in Digital Marketing and Advertising with extensive experience in companies and ventures. I also train professionals and students to update their knowlege and increase their skills in the digital word.I specialize in ecommerce, social media and digital advertising.

Andrea Castro

Over the last 17 years, I have worked in various roles focused on implementing technological solutions across different productive and business areas, as well as in business development from both commercial and strategic perspectives. As the industry undergoes significant changes due to technological evolution, the need for reliable data to eliminate inefficiencies in industrial production is now a key focus, driving investment priorities. Strategic and operational decisions are increasingly based on detailed data analysis, with automatic data acquisition applications, business intelligence tools, and digital twins forming the backbone of this analytical approach.

Carlos Rodríguez

Professional Electrical Engineer with over ten years of experience in technology-based solutions, research and development, and audiovisual production. I specialize in aligning project elements with client goals and optimizing success through strategic planning and effective communication. My collaborative approach builds strong client relationships, and my background as a university professor ensures I communicate ideas clearly. I’ve worked on audiovisual production for top brands, creating engaging content that highlights key project features.

Mariana Martínez

For more than 20 years, I have been helping companies to define solid business processes and to improve the ones they have, both at team and individual level. I contribute to solve business problems. I guide startups to launch their business by applying the Lean Startup methodology. I am an aeronautical engineer, with a lot of experience in my sector and in IT. In my blog I try to capture part of what I have learned: www.problemskilled.com

Pedro Gómez

Entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in business strategy, marketing, and new technologies, specializing in company creation and business development. With a talent for designing innovative strategies in both digital and traditional marketing, I assist startups from ideation to full implementation and consolidation. My deep understanding of new technologies allows me to craft solutions that enable startups to grow in competitive markets. I also possess exceptional communication skills, fostering trust and empathy with founders, guiding them toward success.

Camila García

Project Manager and senior project planner. Working in the project business since 2009. Experience in project scheduling since 2009. Proficiency in project management software like MS Project, Oracle Primavera P6, SAP – PS, Trello and Clickup. Strong knowledge in the PMI methodology and the Agile Scrum methodology as a Scrum Master. Performance as Project Planner and Associate in Project Management in oil & gas industry projects. Performance as Project Manager and Scrum Master in projects in the technology industry. Background as a Metallurgical Engineering.

Luis Sánchez

PhD Candidate in Law at UC3M, a Fulbright Scholar, and an LL.M. graduate from NYU, with a law degree from Argentina. My work has focused on human rights law and its implementation, through academic, research, and consulting roles. As a permanent Law Clerk to Justice Osvaldo Otheguy, I gained firsthand experience in the Argentinean judicial system, honing my research, writing, and organizational skills, while reinforcing my commitment to integrity, impartiality, and inclusion. I also have practical experience with international law and transitional justice through my roles at NYU and the International Center for Transitional Justice.

Alejandro Ramírez

Strategic Social Media Marketing Consultant to create a community to buy your services/products. I have worked and am working with several clients on their communication strategy to increase their authority within the network. My clients are varied, from courses to become a ‘professional nanny’, a real estate agency, through fashion-sustainable design or a women’s association. With all of them, we work both their authority and the subsequent sale of their services.

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